• Client:Universal Solvent Studios
  • Year:2019
  • Role:Web design, physical computing, user experience, interface design, interactive programming, design, fabrication

Forage Beacon

Forage Beacon, is a system of aluminum poles that holds up a sign and a light. They explain the plant and foods in the local vicinity, and signal when produce is ripe for the taking. The project is designed to assist local foragers while reducing the potential for food waste. The poles are interconnected via a mesh network that is designed to spark curiosity, personal connections, and education about the local ecosystem. Additionally the soil and water monitoring sensors embedded in the poles serve as data collection devices for citizen science practitioners.

Humans are traditionally a nomadic species: , the right to roam is fundamental and intrinsically connected with the need to sustain oneself from the land. Denial to access land, whether physically, socio-politically, or psychologically, should be considered unethical. This Speculative Landscaping project does not engage practically with entrenched legal and socio-political infrastructures; , instead, like Alison Powell's Data Walks, they ask us to attend to novel communal and interdisciplinary ways of seeing, knowing, and being.[15] They complicate the status quo and ask us to reimagine alternate futures.