• Client:Johanna Hedva
  • Year:2020
  • Role:Web design, physical computing, user experience, interface design, interactive programming, design, fabrication
  • Ref: https://johannahedva.com

God Is An Asphyxiating Black Sauce

God Is An Asphyxiating Black Sauce was conceived by artist Johanna Hedva for their solo exhibition at Klosterruine in Berlin during the Summer of 2020. Hedva brings together works from over 10 years, written and spoken text, songs and performances. At the heart of the exhibition is the “Playlist to the Void,” which plays continuously in the altar section of the Klosterruine. Universal Solvent Studios developed and produced web, interaction, and physical computing aspects of the art piece to the client's specification. The work consists of an installation at Klosterruine and a web platform. The installation at Klosterruine contains a camera which live streams to the web and a selected playlist, via installed speakers, to the installation space. Viewers to the installation are able to interact with the music using their mobile devices to select the upcoming music to be played in the installation space. Visitors to the web platform are able to remotely to live view the camera stream, they are also able to hear the music as played within the space. By scanning AR posters plastered around the city users are directed to poetry pages on the website